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Updated: Mar 01, 2010

DogObedienceAdvice.com is committed to offering all dog owners the most up to date information and advice on dog training, dealing with specific problems and all general ownership issues.

Below you will find our side by side comparison of four top websites and books for training your Akita. Secrets to Dog Training is our top resource as they comprehensively cover everything you need to know, including step by step instructions on how to train your dog, issues such as aggression, chewing, barking, pulling leash, house training, going to the vet..... and general information all owners must know.  Dog Training Zone comes in at number 2 as, even though their book isn't as detailed as Secrets to Dog Training, it is a very useful reference guide for all dog owners.

From all the team at DogObedienceAdvice.com, we wish you all the best with your Akita training.

Our Number One Guide
Secrets to Dog Training - by Kingdom of Pets

Secrets to Dog Training is by far the most valuable package for training and stopping any specific problem with your Akita. It is concise, clearly laid out, and the bottom line is it works! Secrets to Dog Training covers everything from general dog training to dealing with specific issues such as aggressive behavior, chewing, anxiety and health to extra information that all dog owners and potential dog owners need to know.

Many websites teach training techniques that can actually harm your dog, Secrets to Dog Training uses only the most reliable, effective training methods. On top of the great bonus package, each member receives free email support to help solve specific issues with your Akita.


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dog training zone

Training Guide Number Two
Dog Training Zone - by Charlie Lafave

Dog Training Zone's book takes you through many dog problems and training situations. In comparison to the Secrets to Dog Training package, Dog Training Zone is rather basic, there is obvious room for development. In saying that, the training advice in this book is reliable and is a large step ahead of the rest of the Dog Training packages that we came across. We suggest using this book in conjunction with Secrets to Dog Training when training your Akita; follow Secrets to Dog Training as your base training resource, and use Charlie Lafave's advice to supplement what you've already learned


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Training Guide Number Three
DogProblems.com - by Adam Katz

In third place is Adam Katz's DogProblems.com website. Subscription to their resource center gives you access to their library for dealing with a variety of dog problems and dog training instances. While we found some of the information valuable, the actual website is very poorly presented, and the articles are a real mix of extremely valuable and rather poor instruction. If you can get over the site layout and can distinguish which information is worth following which information isn't, then this is a good resource to include in your Akita training regime.


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how to train your dog in one evening

Training Guide Number Four
How To Train Your Dog In One Evening - by Ellen Langton

The best way to describe this ebook is that it is brief. The information is delivered quickly, without going into great detail on any one particular aspect of dog training. This is a good, quick read and we think some dog owners will find it valuable, however advise against using this as your sole source of information for training your Akita.


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