Have You Got Biting Dog Problems?

Have you got dog biting problems that never seem to go away? If your dog's been snarling, growling, lunging and biting lately, he's probably got a case of dog aggression. Biting problems can occur at any time and can be the result of a number of issues the dog may have. But often, unprovoked aggression is simply a case of your dog trying to rise above the pack. That's why I suggest learning and implementing alpha dog training techniques. When faced with biting dog woes, it's always best to address the situation head-on instead of waiting for it to become a full-blown crisis.

Although it's true that the majority of canines won't bite, even the fuzziest, cuddliest and sweetest pup can and will bite if provoked: whether by fear, pain, or trying to rise above its rank in the pack. Whether they are in the form of nips, bites or actual attacks, there's no doubt that dog bites represent a serious problem.

There's no 100% foolproof way to guarantee that your dog will never bite or attack someone. For example, while neutering your dog may reduce hormonal aggression, it is not a foolproof plan.

But there are things you can do to significantly reduce the risks, including regular training and consistent discipleine. Here are measures people can take to deal with the matter.


If the dog is biting to show dominance try the following methods:

  • When considering taking in a dog, choose carefully. A veterinarian is usually the best source of info regarding pet behavior and suitability. Additionally, avoid "puppy farms" and go for a trusted breeder. He or she should be able to give you detailed information about the dog's background, and whether it's susceptible to violence or dominance.
  • Train the dog to obey basic commands like sit, stay, come, and leave. Incorporate the training activity within fun games that aren't too aggressive. Avoid playing games that encourage aggression, such as tug of war and wrestling.
  • It's a fact - neutered dogs are less likely to attack or bite. Consider getting your furry best friend spayed or neutered. This is actually safer for the dog, as he will be less prone not only to attack, but also to chase cars and trucks on the street.
  • See to it that the dog is properly socialized. If you're getting a puppy, make sure he's used to being aorund other dogs and vistors (as well as cats, if you have one). This will put him at ease around different types of people, animals and situations, and prevent biting problems later in life. Only spend a few minutes around other animals and people at first, gradually increasing the exposure more and more.
  • Like any good dog owner, you have to get to know your dog really well. Stay alert for any signs of sickness or injury. Know his temperament: is the dog easily scared by your body language, or bold and standoffish? Even the most placid of dogs can react violently if they are approached while in pain or illness. Your well-meaning interference may only be seen as a threat to a confused and fearful dog.

Dogs, like humans, deserve to be treated with respect. Make them feel like a real member of the family. Dogs that spend a great deal of time tied to a chain or alone in the yard often turn into highly dangerous animals. But the ones that are supervised and well-socialized rarely, if ever, bite. Connecting with a dog will be next to impossible if their owners keep on distancing themselves from the poor creatures.

Biting dog problems CAN be treated. With the help of a qualified animal healthcare professional and adequate care from their owners, a biting dog will find it easy to shake off his nasty "biting" habit. He will learn to associate biting with negative experiences, and prefer instead the calm and peace that comes from a non-aggressive dog. If all else fails, hire a professional dog behavior specialist or trainer or trainer.

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