Dog Bite Solutions

If your dog is a serial biter, then a veterinarian is just the person to recommend possible dog bite solutions. But what happens when your trusty vet isn't available to help out with your dog bite dilemmas?

Don't sweat it. You still have a way out of your dog bite problems. The following dog bite solutions will help you deal with

Dog Bite Solutions - The Preventive Kind

There's no sure way to ensure that dogs won't bite other people or animals. But there are things people can do to bring down the potential risks of getting bitten. Here are some tips that can help keep dog bite incidences at manageable levels.

  • Enroll your dog or puppy in dog training and obedience classes. Do this early, before biting becomes a recurring problem. If your dog is a chronicle biter already, he probably won't be allowed to socialize with the other dogs, and thus miss out on some crucial training. Nip the problem in the bud before it affects your dog's ability to learn proper manners.
  • Don't encourage biting with games and menacing gestures. This means no wrestling and no tug of war games. Additionally, do not wave your arms or threaten to hit your dog. Quick, spontaneous body movement can be intercepted as a threat, and your dog will react violently.
  • One way to prevent dogs from biting young kids is to not get one till the children are old enough to assist in caring for them. Children between the ages of seven and eight are usually mature enough that they know to treat the dogs with respect. If you do get a dog or puppy while your children are young, then teach your children what's proper and what's not allowed when playing with the dog. Be just as vigilant with your kids' behavior as with your dog's.
  • Spaying or neutering dogs is also considered effective at reducing his aggression levels. This works especially well with male dogs. However, it is not a foolproof method and should be used in conjunction with other prevention techniques.
  • Get your dog socialized - expose him to various types of people and situations. Also make sure to take your dog for plenty of walks and give him lots of mental stimulation (puzzles and training each day). The less bored and frustrated your dog is, the less likely he is to attack.
  • Make dogs "official" members of the family. Dogs that aren't left alone in the backyard or chained to a tree rarely grow up to be dangerous, biting canines. Plenty of socialization and lots of love go a long way in raising a well-behaved animal.

Consistent discipline and loads of care will go far towards influencing your dog's behavioral patterns in positive way. A socialized dog, trained at an early age, who gets plenty of attention and discipline, is a happy, self-assured dog. With no aggression problems to deal with, a dog won't see any need to bite and attack individuals.

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