Solutions To Stop Dogs Digging

Dog digging can be amusing to some and a cause of embarrassment and irritation for others. However, there is nothing funny about dogs digging up your fields, gardens or in mud. This is a problem faced by dog owners. This strange habit of a dog can be seriously destructive and requires corrective action.

Before finding out solutions for dog-digging you must try to understand the root cause of the problem - "Why do dogs dig?"

Dogs usually dig out of boredom, to find out inhabited prey, to get warmth in cold and cool environment in hot weather or to keep their food safe from other predators. However, this may not be the case with most of the dogs today since dogs have become much domesticated as compared to their ancestors. They might dig holes to escape when they feel frustrated or when they are lonely and feel boredom.

You must check out with an experienced vet and ask him/ her to recommend some mood-altering drugs for the extreme cases to stabilize their emotions.

Another way out is to communicate with your dog. Explain your dog that a new place has been explored for it to dig.

Avoid scolding & try to praise your dog whenever it adheres to an order that is put forward to it. Your Dog would rather go by praise than listen to what you don't want them to do.

Try to socialize your dog and spend more time with him. By doing so, your dog will not get bored easily. This would also ultimately result in preventing your dog from digging. Keep an eye on your dog proper diet. Your Dog will also dig and eat the soil if he is not getting proper nutrients in his diet. You must pay some attention to whether your dog is having a proper diet. Make sure that your dog gets a multi supplement. This would provide your dog, the nutrients that are necessary to nourish it.

You can make out if your dog is eating the dirt (called pica) or not by their nose being covered with dirt. Usually, the underlying case is anemia, but make sure that your dog is properly checked by a veterinarian.

Digging may also prove harmful for your dog. Your dog can get serious bacterial infections from dirt. The digging and constant abrasions to their nose can result in to cancer over a period of time.

Keeping your dog cool is one best way to prevent them from digging. By keeping him cool, he will not need to bother with the earth as their next choice.

You must try to understand your dog's intention to dig.

The best measure is to adopt, to stop your dog from digging is to practice building a digging pit exclusively for your dog. This would prove to be the most effective way of focusing your dog's digging habit.

Follow the above-mentioned methods to stop your dog from digging. Most importantly, socialize with your dog, follow obedience training, talk with it and never scold it if it happens to disobey. Cultivate a habit to praise your dog, when he obeys the order put forward to it.

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