Golden Retriever Training

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds for people to choose as a household pet. If you have one, then you would have been expecting him to be very gentle mannered and a great pet.

While that is true, Retrievers arent always so gentle mannered when they are young. They can be very excitable as puppies and jump, dig, bark and do all manner of things. If you are a first time owner and your Golden Retriever is a puppy, then you may be surprised at his energy!

If you own an older Golden Retriever that has some behavioral problems then the good news is that they respond incredibly well to training.

If you want to train your golden retriever to stop jumping, I recommend you hold a squirt gun nearby and whenever he jumps up on you or other people, simply give a stern no! and squirt him with the gun. Another option is to knee him gently but so it uncomfortable to him. Simply pushing him away is not a good way of training him not to jump as it merely encourages him as he sees this as an indication that you want to play.

Another good strategy is to ignore your dog when you come home. This also helps set you as the alpha dog. Then dont give him any attention unless he is sitting patiently (certainly not if he is jumping up on you). Let him learn that he gets more attention by being good than by jumping up on you.

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If you want to train your Golden Retriever to stop barking at a particular stimulus, what you should do is use a stimulus that cause him to bark, such as a doorbell. Firstly get him to bark, then hold a treat close to his nose, while saying quiet. When he becomes quiet, give him the treat. Keep repeating this and require him to be silent for longer periods. Eventually replace the treat with praise. This problem should take about 7 days to resolve using this method.

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All the best for your Golden Retriever training success!

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