Dog Training Books

There are literally thousands of dog training books on offer, a great way to effectively train your dog while building your relationship. There are books by professional trainers, dog behavioral experts, veterinarians, and breeders. In addition, there is a growing market for online resources, both in the form of basic information offered at no cost on pet websites and free article databases and more extensive training programs that are offered in the form of downloadable electronic books.

Different Dog Training Methods

Often these are not written by one expert, but rather assembled collaboratively by a network of dog trainers, vets, and pet care professionals. It seems like not too long ago there was a real lack of reliable information available to dog owners that was presented in a clear and simple fashion. Today, quality information is readily available on the information superhighway, but the challenge is actually stopping for what's good and speeding on by what's not.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when you set out:

What Training Program is Advocated?

There is surely more than one right way to train a dog, and depending on the source of your dog obedience training material, one method may be advocated and encouraged over another. The type of training method you eventually adopt will have to match not only the type of dog you have and its disposition, but also YOUR own personality and disposition as well. You need to be comfortable with - and if you're not, your dog will certainly notice (they are intelligent) and it won't be very effective.

For this reason, the best bet for new owners is learning about more than one method, either from more than one resource or by way of one resource that contains an overview of methods. Some of the best online resources for dog obedience training give a clear description of the most common training methods and the tools associated with them. From there, you choose what you think will work for you based on your situation. If you are not sure what method is being described in a certain training program, ask before you buy.

The internet provides a huge opportunity for solid dog training advice at a fraction of the price of buying hardcopy books or hiring a professional dog trainer. In saying this, be careful where you source the training techniques you're going to use with your dog. Although the majority of information online is reliable, some sites offer much more reliable instruction, and higher value for money than others. Trust your instincts, before handing over your credit card details do a little research and get a feel for whether the product you are going to use is written by a passionate, knowledgeable dog trainer.

Below are some of the more popular, reliable dog training products for sale online. If you are considering buying online, we highly recommend you go with one of these products as we have thoroughly looked into many products, and believe these to contain the most solid training techniques and information. We have been in contact with the writers of these guides and have offered our honest opinion on their knowledge and passion for dog training, as well as the ease of use of their products.

Secrets to Dog Training

Written by Dan Stevens, Secrets to Dog Training is our favorite of all the dog training products available online. They teach you not only virtually everything you need to know about general dog training, but also the important aspects of dog ownership you must be aware of. Sit Stay fetch also looks at specific issues such as aggression, chewing, anxiety, and other common problems. Through the chapters of this book it is clear that Dan and his team have a solid knowledge of dog's and dog training, and are passionate about helping every one of their readers succeed with their individual training needs. View our full review of Secrets to Dog Training

Is the Resource Breed Specific?

Breed specific training books are helpful for several reasons. They will give you the temperament of the breed, and will usually recommend one or more training strategies or programs that will work well with that breed. In addition, these books can provide specific information about problems or difficulties peculiar to the breed. All dogs are individuals, and your dog may not have the exact temperament and behaviors that are listed in the breed book.

If you take this road, be prepared to adapt. Breed specific books can be a real insight into the type of dog you have and all their psychological and physical idiosyncrasies. Or they can be about as useful as trying to determine someone's personality based on their horoscope. At the very least, a breed specific dog obedience ebook will be a good bit of fun. If you have a mutt or mixed breed, of course, they are most likely not for you.

What Form of Media is Offered?

Online dog obedience ebooks are often more than "books." It is common for online resources to include multi-media materials in their package, such as audio lessons or video interviews. Some of the higher end programs will also be available on DVDs, which can include examples of actual dog training techniques implemented in real field training situations. Always consider what type of materials are being offered, and the extent of those materials in relation to the cost. Remember, because they can be downloaded instantly, ebooks are typically available at less cost when compared to print books, but DVD or CD Roms still need to be produced and shipped by the vendor.

These simple considerations should help streamline your search. Of course, you should always bear in mind that the most reliable reference for quality dog obedience resources is what has already worked for others - word of mouth - and these days word of mouth can be online too. Also, in general, a well tempered and well behaved dog is a most excellent reference.

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