How To Obedience Train Your Dog
Being a dog owner can be a source of joy and great companionship. However, your dog needs to be well trained and socialized to cultivate good habits in it. Hence, it is necessary to obedience train your pet dog. If you are considering 'obedience training' for your dog seriously, must follow some techniques like house breaking, coming when called and walking on a leash without pulling as integral parts of their whole training program.

Given below are some points that you must keep in mind when you start out to train your dog.
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Obedience Training Of Your Dog Requires A Lot Of Patience From Your Side.
One of the most important things for you is to learn is that it is possible to teach your dog what you want it to learn. Your dog is always in the learning process. You have to learn how to reward your dog so that it is inclined to do what you want it to do.

Stipulate a particular portion of daily routine to train your dog. Five or ten minutes at a time, two or three times a day is more than sufficient. There are certain rules that you must follow to stop destructive behavior of your dog.

Put a ten foot rope on your dog and let him drag it around the house; if your dog dashes out the front door. Just before opening the door step on the rope, or, for your big dog, leave a loop in the end and loop it over the inside door handle. So, now you are left with a handle to jerk your door back in if the dashes out the front door.
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