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Stop Dog Chewing
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Updated: Mar 01, 2010

Hello & Welcome to - Below you will find side by side reviews of 3 top Stop Dog Chewing guides. My Favorite Dog Chewing guide is Secrets To Dog Training

t;/strong>.  The team at Secrets To Dog Training comprehensively teach you how to deal with your dogs annoying chewing behavior, and explain why chewing is a natural instinct for your dog. As well as the step-by-step guide, each Secrets To Dog Training member receives a free personal consultation with their in-house dog trainer.  Dog Training Zone is my 2nd favorite guide as, even though the book doesn't offer the quality of advice that Secrets to Dog Training does, the tips & techniques are clearly laid out, and are a good resource to help put an end to your dog's chewing today!

All of the stop dog chewing products below are available via instant download. This was an important factor in choosing these products, so you can get started immediately & the books will be available to you in the future, safely stored on your hard-drive. I wish you all the best in your journey to stopping your dog's annoying chewing habits.

Training for Dog Chewing - Secrets to Dog Training

Our Number One Pick: Secrets To Dog Training

Secrets To Dog Training is by far and away the best and most informative stop dog chewing guide. The information contained is comprehensive, clearly laid out and the bottom line is it works. Secrets To Dog Training is the mother of all dog training packages for dealing with Dog Chewing, biting, aggression and general dog obedience. Membership to Secrets To Dog Training provides you with airtight techniques to stop your dog's biting, step-by-step, with great photos & diagrams to aid your understanding. Included in your membership is a consultation with the onsite expert dog trainers, so you can solve specific dog issues easily & effortlessly.


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Dog Training Zone - Runner Up

Runner Up:

In the 'Dog Training Zone' Guide you will be taken through most common dog biting, aggression, and general dog obedience problems. While 'Dog Training Zone' doesn't offer the ease of use, and customer service found in Secrets To Dog Training, it is a very effective stop dog biting guide & is very reasonably priced. The 'Dog Training Zone' is well and truly a large step ahead of most other dog training guides available on & offline.


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How to Train your Dog in One Evening

Third Place:

As the title suggests, 'How to Train you Dog in One Evening' covers the absolute basics of dog training. In saying this, the straight-to-the-point style of this book means that you will be able to quickly get to work on improving your dog's behavior. I feel this book offers good content and is worth a read, but only as-well as Not instead-of the other two guides.


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