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How To Stop Puppies Chewing

how to stop puppies chewing

We all know that puppies chew a lot. But while frustrating, it is in fact a natural and healthy activity for them. During the teething process, from the age of 3 -6 months, puppies chew for exploration, stress management, and pain relief. While a natural habit, puppy chewing is something you want to control, as it can cause an amazing amount of destruction if unchecked.

However, with certain corrective measures, this kind of behavior can be avoided.

Puppy Chewing Solutions

Rather than resist your adorable pup's behavior, accommodate it! Give him something to chew on - literally. A great idea is to take his favorite toy and put it in the freezer for an hour or two. Give him the frozen toy to play with, and watch the results: Your young pup will be entertained for hours. More importantly, the constant, icy chewing will relieve his teething pains, and he won't chew the furniture and other objects that are off-limits. It will also keep him busy when you don't necessarily have time for him, whether because of work or other engagements.

Additionally, be reasonable with your puppy. If you catch him chewing your $500 Armani suit, it's YOUR fault for leaving it out in the open. Keep any valuable possessions out of your puppy's reach, because your pup can't be expected to know the difference between your $5 K-Mart shoes and your $300 Nikes. So "puppy-proof" your house and hide anything valuable!

Also keep in mind that puppies have a habit of getting into even the tightest of places. Whether it's a door that's slightly ajar or a box that can be easily unfolded, puppies have a way of getting into everything.

Finally, make sure to be consistent in your discipline. Do not scold your puppy or get physical, but rather say "NO" when you catch him in the act. Even release a guttural growl ("AAAAH") that lets him know his behavior is wrong. ALWAYS reprimand a puppy at the exact time he or she chews on something. Never scold your puppy for something he chewed on hours ago, as this will only confuse and frustrate him, possibly leading to an even worse case of chewing.

Remember, when disciplining your young dog, you're not just correcting his behavior in the present, but for many years to come. A puppy who is trained early on will know for the rest of his life what is and isn't allowable to chew on. It will be much easier if you correct your puppy's chewing now, than when he is older and much more stubborn.



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