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Updated: Mar 01, 2010

Welcome to -   Having a dog or puppy that just won't stop digging can be extremely frustrating for all dog owners. That's why I offer 3 side-by-side comparisons of top 'How to Stop Dog Digging' training guides. Secrets To Dog Training is my #1 pick as they comprehensively cover all facets of dealing with dog digging, barking, aggression and much more. Their guide is simple to understand & implement, the customer support on offer is second to none, and most importantly - The techniques you learn will actually give you control of your dogs digging behavior!   DogTrainingZone comes in at number 2 as, even though it doesn't offer the full support of Secrets To Dog Training, the skills you learn will empower you to effectively put an end to your dogs digging.

All of the guides in my review are available via instant download. This is important as it means you can get started immediately & the information is safely stored on your hard-drive for future reference. I wish you all the best of luck in dealing with your dog's digging issues.

Stop Digging with Sit Stay Fetch

My Choice: Secrets To Dog Training

Secrets To Dog Training from the Kingdom of Pets Network is my most higly recommended solution to stopping your dogs annoying digging.  The guide you receive takes you step-by-step through dealing with all aspects of dog digging, from how to prevent your dog from digging up your lawn and how to stop them digging in your neighbors yard, to how to assign allocted digging areas where your dog can dig holes, bury, etc at their will.

One of the most impressive aspects of Secrets To Dog Training is the personal consultation you receive.  You can discuss & find solutions to your specific dog problems with their onsite dog training experts.

Secrets To Dog Training covers virtually every issue you will come accross as a dog-owner.   I highly recommend this guide as the ultimate dog training & ownership resource, they offer the best value for money advice & service available on & offline.


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Solve Dog Digging, Chewing, Barking & More

Runner Up: Dog Training Zone

Dog Training Zone's book takes you through most dog problems and dog obedience training situations including how to stop digging, barking, aggression & more. You don't get the great support offered by the Secrets To Dog Training team, however Dog Training Zone is very well priced & offers an extremely effective dog training method.


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Third Place: How To Train Your Dog In One Evening

This book covers the absolute basics of training your dog, so you can begin training your dog in your first evening. This back-to-basics style is good for some readers, but isn't as helpful, and doesn't give you all specific dog digging advice & information that the two above guides offer. I do suggest this book is worth a read, but only as-well as Not instead-of the other two guides.


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