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Welcome to - Below you will find our side by side reviews of four top dog obedience training products available online. Secrets To Dog Training is our number one pick as they comprehensively cover all aspects of dog training from general commands such as how to train your dog to come to more behavioral issues such as teaching your dog where he can dig, what to chew and what to leave alone, how to control excessive barking, dealing with aggression and much more. Secrets To Dog Training not only covers general obedience training, it is a complete dog-owners manual.  Dog Training Zone comes in at number 2 as, even though it doesn't include everything Secrets To Dog Training does, the training techniques are proven, and they do work.

Best of all, all of the guides we review below can be downloaded instantly to your home computer. We wish you all the best with developing your dog's obedient behavior.


Training Guide Number One: Secrets To Dog Training

This guide is by far the most in depth, value for money dog obedience training guides available both on and offline. The information contained is comprehensive, clearly laid out and the bottom line is that the techniques will show you have to obedience train your dog in as little time possible.

Secrets To Dog Training is the mother of all dog training packages. It covers everything you need to know about dealing with behavioral and training situations you will face, and includes great bonus books on specific problems such as how to train an 'alpha dog,' 'house training methods & tricks,' 'dog grooming,' and more. For anything related to dog training or ownership, Secrets To Dog Training should be your first port-of-call, it covers what you need to consider before adopting, health issues, puppy leash training, dog training for older dogs; just to name a few. We found Secrets To Dog Training's on-site dog training experts to be the most helpful and knowledgeable of all the sites we reviewed. Members can contact the Secrets To Dog Training team (part of the 'Kingdom Of Pets' network) for free personal consultations to deal with specific training issues.

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dog training zone

Training Guide Number Two: Dog Training Zone

Within the pages of Dog Training Zone you will discover Charlie Lafave's personal tips and techniques that he says 'Will have your dog or puppy obey your every command.' From the very first page of the book, it is clear that Charlie know's what he is talking about, he know's dogs, and he know's how they respond to certain training techniques. You will learn the basics such as how ensure your dog is obedient and responsive in public and around the house, how to toilet train your puppy, plus how to deal with less common, annoying problems many dog owners face.

While this is a an excellent training guide, I don't feel that the extent of the information you receive is as valuable as in Secrets To Dog Training, but would highly recommend this book over any of the other guides.


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Training Guide Number Three:

Our third choice is the membership - Membership to this site allows you to access a full library of articles, information and training instructions to help you effectively train your dog and avoid many common training issues. The only downside is that these articles and instruction manuals can be un-inspiring to read on due to the basic layout & writing style. is the only site we found with an established members forum, a great resource for discussing issues with other dog owners.


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dog training discovery

Training Guide Number Four: Dog Training Discovery

This book covers the absolute basics of canine training so that you can get started with training your dog in the very first evening. There is little to carry on with after your first night though once you have got past training dogs to come, sit, roll over...... the general basics. We felt this book is overpriced given the lack of content. Although I don't recommend this site over 'Secrets To Dog Training' or 'Dog Training Zone,' it does contain some good tips so you can get started immediately.



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